New Job (for the last 7 months)

Me, Weekly News Commentary

arma logoSo about my piece for the 20-Somethings blog where I mentioned that I was on the verge of landing a job at an international association…well I did. The last seven months have been incredible! Contributing to a significant aspect of the business, building professional relationships in and out of the office, and developing my “brand” has been a ride and then some. It wasn’t until now that I could even take into consideration and reflect about how it all plays into the bigger picture of my career. Sometime soon, I will likely write more about the experience, but for now I am just updating my site. Below are my main responsibilities at the company, and I added a page under my work history in the section about me.

ARMA International, Inc., Overland Park, KS

Manager of Volunteer Relations, March 2012-Present

–   Responsible for implementation of strategic and operational plan for program

–   Provide support in financial and governance matters to all volunteers

–   Produce and present content at regional and international leadership seminars

–   Process 990 forms and member information for all chapters

–   Principal liaison between local groups, headquarters staff, and Board of Directors


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